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WSWCF Academy Street Workout World Cup 2019.


Date: August 17, 2019. 

Place: Veldhoven, Netherlands. 

Organizer: Netherlands Street Workout Organization ”Royalbarzz Calisthenics” and Federation “WSWCF”

Contact information: Mike Beerens, 


phone: +310648468623

What to see and do during the upcoming world championship? 

- Spectacular competitions with high-level international athletes. 

- Different calisthenics shows. 

- Muscle concepts static freezing photo competition with great prizes. 

- Decathlon stand, taste different sports products. 

- Gornation stand, calisthenics clothing and training clothing of high quality. 

- Street Workout Nederland stand, information. 

- Meet famous Calisthenics athletes. 

- And much more! 

The top 3 winners are going travel to Hong Kong in November to participate in the World Cup Super Final !! 


- 12:00 Opening & Explanation
- 12:45 Warming up
- 13:00 Start of the 1st round
- 14:00 break / show
- 14:30 start 2nd round
- 15:30 break / show
- 16:00 Final
- 17:00 Award ceremony

WSWCF Academy Street Workout World Cup 2019 Stage NL

This was the first ever WSWCF Street Workout World Cup 2019, Qualification stage in the Netherlands. With 20 pro athletes from 10 different countries

The following top 3 winners were automatically qualified to participate in the WSWCF Academy Street Workout World Cup Super Finals on november 23, 2019 in Hong Kong, China.

  1. Julio Mieza Gutierrez-solana (SPAIN)
  2. Maghenry Nahr (NETHERLANDS)
  3. Jamie Geraghty (IRELAND)


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List of athletes who competed in this stage:

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*Aftermovie: WSWCF academy street workout world cup 2019 - STAGE NL | PART 1    (made by Rutger Franke) 


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